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Jetzt ma was über den besten rapper überhaupt!!!!



Name:Tupac Amaru Shakur

Geborn:16.Juni 1971 in Brooklyn NY

Gestorben:13. September 1996 in Las Vegas NV

Mutter:Afeni Shakur

Vater:William Garland

Stiefvater:Jeral Wayne Williams AKA Mutula Shakur

Halbschwester:Sekyiwa Shakur

Halbbruder:Maurice Harding



Jetzt ma ein paar Freunde von TuPac!!!!


*Snoop Dogg

*Suge Knight



*Warren G


*John Singelton

*Das Dillinger

*Mike Tison

*Shock G


*Ice Cube

*Nate Dogg


*Method Man



Jetzt ma ein paar Albem vom King!!!!


"2pacalypse Now" war das erste Album.Es erschien am 12.November 1991



*Soulja`s Story

*I don`t give an F**k


*Words of Wisdom

*Something Wicked

*Crooked Ass Nigga

*If my Homie Calls

*Brenda`s got a Baby


*Rebel of the Underground

*Part time Mutha


TuPac`s 2. Album heißt "Strictly for my N.I.G.G.A.Z." es erschien am 1.Februar 1993


*Holla if ya hear me

*Pac`s Theme

*Point the Finga

*Something 2 Die 4

*Last Wordz

*Souljah`s Revenge

*Peep Game


*Guess who`s Back


*Keep your Head up

*Strictly 4 my N.I.G.G.A.Z.

*The Streets R Deathrow

*I get Arount

*Papa`z Song

*5 Deadly Venomz

2pac`s 3. Album "Me against the World"ist am 27 Februar 1995 raus gekommen



*If I die 2Nite

*Me against the World

*So many Tears


*Young Niggaz

*Heavy in the Game

*Lord Knows

*Dear Mama

*It ain`t Easy

*Can you get away

*Old School

*F*ck the World

*Death around the Corner


Sein 4. Album heißt "All eyez on me"und kam am 13.Februar 1996 raus



*Ambitionz az a Ridah

*All bout U


*Got my mind made up

*How do you wan`t it

*2of Amerrikaz most Wanted

*No more Pain

*Heartz of Men

*Life goes on

*Only god can Judge me

*Tradin war Stories

*Carlifornia Love(Remix)

*I ain`t mad at Cha

*Whatz ya Phone


*Can`t C me

*Shorty wanna be a Thug

*Holla at me

*Wonda why they call n Bytch

*When we ride

*Thug Passion

*Picture me rollin

*Chec out time

*Rotha be ya Nigga

*All eyez on me

*Run da Streetz

*Ain`t hard 2 find

*Heaven ain`t hard 2 find


2pac`s 5.Album "Makaveli don Killuminati the 7 day Theory"ist am 5.Novemeber erschienen.



*Intro-Bomb first(Mysecond Reply)

*Hail Mary

*Toss it up

*To live and die in L.A.


*Life of an Outlaw

*Just like Daddy


*White Man`z World

*Me and my Girlfriend

*Hold ya Head

*Against all Odds

Das 6.Album vom King heißt "R U still down?(Remember me)"und erschien am 16.Dezember 1997.




*Open fire

*R U still down?(Remember me)


*Thug style

*Where do we go from here (interlude)

*I Wonder if Heaven got a Ghetto

*Nothin to lose

*I`m Gettin Money

*Life to kick it

*Fuck all Y`all

*Let them thangs go

*Definition of a Thug Nigga


*Ready 4 whatever

*When i get free

*Hold on be strong

*I`m losin it

*Fake ass Bitches

*Do for Love

*Enemies with me

*Nothin but Love

*16 on death row

*I Wonder if Heaven get a Ghetto (hip-hop version)

*When i get free II

*Black starry Night(interlude)

*Only fear of Dead

So das sind jetzt erst ma 6 Albem vom King die anderen kommen noch!!!PeacE


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